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Re: Landslide

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I don't know enough about this particular residence, but I've designed a
number of foundations for residences on drilled piers or on poles set in
holes where the geotech provided a large creep load and we've been involved
where a whole hill that was moving had to be resisted by a keyed in
retaining wall.

But with a water saturated hill and other serious problems, it might be
kinda hard to call this one.

I always try to make sure that the geotech and I are on the same wave
length -- have some clients who would like us never to talk to each other!

Neil Moore

>Or is this a Geologist's problem? Is the horizontal force of the sliding
>topsoil too large that no practical structural restraint is capable of
>resisting it? Can we design a connection of the house to the bedrock at the
>high point and just let the soil slide from under the house with the caissons
>capable of resisting the vertical loads? All these assume that all earthquake
>and wind loads were already taken cared of.
>I'm just thinking of what I will say to a future client who wants to build on
>a hill side when he asks the question "will my house slide downhill?"
>Ernie Natividad