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RE: Intellicad 60 day money back

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I received the beta version of release 2.0. I am very impressed in that it
claims to be 100% Autocad DWG compatible and so far (with the exception of
hatch patterns) has provent to be effective.
I think the strongest point in Intellecad is it's ability to interact with
other software such as MathCad's MathConnex and work in the background as a
component in a system. The example used in MathConnex is a triangle where
the angle and line length can be changed within Mathcad. By updating the
numbers in a MathCad model, the Intellicad model changes accordingly.
One new feature that most programs are incorporating today is an advanced
Object Linking and Embedding known as OLE/2. The difference is that OLE/2
objects actual operate in the target program by changing the toolbars to
those of the objects program. For example, if you embed Intellicad into
Mathcad, the mathcad menu's and toolbars become the same ones that exist in

As far as features go, I have also started to work with Autocad LT 97 which
I find very good as well. Any AutoCad R14 user can jump right into LT (or
Intellicad for that matter). The difference between LT and R14 is that LT
does not allow for Lisp programing the way R14 does - it lacks a lot of
customization that R14 allows.
However, for most of us, I would think that LT is more than suffiecient for
engineering drawings.
On a side note, LT includes a block Library toolbar that shows blocks in
thumnail on the screen. From what I understand, it allows you to chose
objects and drag them over to the toolbar where they become saved objects or
dwg files. R14 missed this on it's release - too bad, this is a very strong
component that R14 missed and I saw originally in the Visual Cadd beta soon
to be released by IMSI.

Hope this helps.

Dennis Wish PE

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|I just placed an order for Visios intellicad product at
|Thought everyone should know that it includes a 60 day money back
|Does anyone have a list or know which software developers will be
|creating products for IntelliCAD? Any guidance will be helpful.
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