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Brian Veit wrote:

. > Also, thanks very much for your comments re: bridging floor joists.  If 
. > it's two percent of axial compression in columns, what's the analogous 
. > number for beams? And is the "sharing" of load the difference in 
. > definition of bridging vs. blocking? (I had thought they were 
. > interchangeable terms.)


At the point where I plan to install diagonal bridging, I take the area of 
the compressive stress block, which is the compressive force in the joist, 
and take 2% of that as the horizontal force to be resisted by diagonal 
bridging, and design the bridging to take the component in the direction of 
the bridging.  This isn't for load sharing --- it is to prevent lateral 
buckling of otherwise unsupported compression edges of floor joists and it 
doesn't determine the spacing of the bridging.

Blocking vs. Bridging?  I tend to think of blocking as full depth solid 
blocking and [diagonal] bridging as the x-braces between floor joists, but 
I'm willing to call anything anybody wants, as long as both of us have 
the same thing in mind.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona