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RE: Landslide

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Generally the soils engineers recommend a minimum of a twelve inch
>diameter pier with four number four bars and #3 ties at varied spacing.

Whoa!  When did geotechs start specifying concrete reinforcement?  Where
did they get that expertise?  Don't they have enough liability within
their own profession?  What self-respecting structural engineer would
design concrete in accordance with a geotech's specifications?  IMHO,
the geotech should give us the soils forces, resistances, and
stiffnesses (if applicable), and geotechnical construction guidelines
(if appropriate), and then get out of our way!  In other words, all of
the geotechnical design criteria, but only the geotechnical design

Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas

Let my words be sweet and tender today,  
for I may have to eat them tomorrow!