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Re: OC Dinner Meeting - March, 1998

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I was also present and agree with Bill about the poor timing of Bob Bachman's
remarks, but of course I am somewhat biased against Mr. bachman any way
because of his authoring the 2 million foot notes that are attached to the 1997 UBC tables in chapter 16.
I think Charles Greenlaw touched on this subject quit eloquently last week
when he wrote

"Maybe Jim understood then
what I'm beginning to realize now: simplicity and less stringency are at
odds with how most California Structural Engineers (especially those who
avidly do code work as volunteers) view their mission in life and their
professional image. The more difficult and demanding the task of doing
structural design, the more fulfilling and prestigous it is to be a SE, it
would appear. -And the fewer who will be able to, as well.
With each new code edition, the performing of structural design work
increasingly resembles doing Scottish Country Dancing: the object isn't to
accomplish anything creatively, but to painstakingly follow what someone
else has choreographed in advance, and get to the end without mistake or

I dont do too many Tilt-Up's but I believe that we should
follow the city of L.A design guidelines, until this type of
construction proves a little bit more reliable.

Tarek Mokhtar