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Re: International Collec

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The parentheses around the amphersand were for highlighting only and were
not used in the postings.  The amphersand is not the only victim.  I see
from a reply by Bill Allen that the amphersand came back when I described th
characters that seem to replace the amphersands.

Thor Tandy
-----Original Message-----
From: Roger Turk
Date: Thursday, March 12, 1998 9:33 AM
Subject: Fw: International Collec

+AD4-Thor Tandy asks:
+AD4-. +AD4- Does any one know why +ACIAJgAi- is popping up for characters such as
+AD4-. +AD4- amphersands and punctuation marks?  And is this happening to the
+AD4-. +AD4- or just me?
+AD4-I am getting it also.
+AD4-Looking thru my HTML stripper document printout, I see that the ampersand
+AD4AIgAm-xxx+ACI- represents an +ACI-entity reference+ACI- in an HTML file.  The example that
+AD4-used is that, +ACIAJg-copy+ACI- represents the copyright symbol.
+AD4-If you are creating your post in HTML and then saving/sending it as
+AD4-ASCII text, your conversion routine might be replacing +ACIAJg- +ACI- with +ACIAJgAi-.
+AD4-A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
+AD4-Tucson, Arizona
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