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Re: International Collecting on Invoices

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>Does anyone have experience in collecting on +ACI-cross border+ACI-
invoices for
>professional services?  We are beginning to tire of what appears to be a
>growing epidemic+ACE-
>We are loathe to just consider it a price of doing business and strategies
>could be allowed to degenerate (ethics encourage otherwise) to splashing the
>company name everywhere as a bad debt etc.

1. require payment on invoices in 30 days
2. offer a 5% discount for paying within the 30 days
3. require that invoices not paid within 30 days by this system be charged
to a credit card. You lose up to 5%, which has been built into the fee, but
you get your money quickly.

I explain to clients that if they do not pay me I have little recourse, as
it is too difficult for me take legal action in a foreign country, so they
have to agree up front to a method of payment that protects me. Nearly
every company has a corporate amex card. I have used this method with
clients in the USA and the UK. If they balk, I figure they were intending
to not pay in the first place. I also require a retainer, chargable against
the last invoice. I think of myself more like a hotel than a bank-
I give service and I take credit cards, but I don't offer loans.

Maura Gatensby Architect
Vancouver, Canada