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RE: Virus Hoaxes

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I do agree with you, however, Excel and Word Macro viruses are fairly
beneign and cause Excel and Word to crash. They do not, as far as I know,
have any effect on other programs or on the system FAT files or CMOS
settings. They are also easily removed by virus software and by patches
provided by Microsoft.
However, the caution is well worth the extra effort.

Dennis Wish PE

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|Subject: Re: Virus Hoaxes
|I agree with you and think that your mail is very helpful for people who
|have no experience with viruses.
|I would like just to add, that there are Excel-macro viruses, too.
|Macro viruses can be almost as destructive as any exe-data viruses.
|Most of them are of Word or Excel origin, because these
|softwares are installed in almost any computer nowadays and as
|you mentioned correctly, one needs the "mother-software" in
|order to run a macro.
|If you don't mind, I would modify your Advice as follows:
|If your email contains an attached EXE, **Word or Excel** file that
|you did not expect or do not recognize - you can read the mail,
|but don't open the attachement.
|"When in doubt - Trash it out".
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|Von: Dennis S. Wish
|An: Seaoc@Seaoc. Org
|Betreff: Virus Hoaxes
|Datum: Donnerstag, 12. März 1998 00:25
|>The only virus that I know of that can be spread in a document is the
|>Macro Virus which is easily detected and is not destructive. In order
|to a
|>virus to work it must modify the code of another program, or corrupt
|>information contained in the system files. This can only be done by a
|>program - not data.