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RE: International Collecting on Invoices

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Isn't this a NAFTA (or the other global pact) related issue that could end
up in front of a tribunal rather than a court?

Dennis Wish PE

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+AHw-Subject: Re: International Collecting on Invoices
+AHw-We did structural engineering on 5 residences in Japan for a Wisconsin
+AHw-export house design +ACY- build company.  Also on a trip to Japan for both own
+AHw-and that company's business we carried out site inspections and reporting.
+AHw-Our invoices to that company are now nearly 1 year old.
+AHw-Does anyone have experience in collecting on +ACI-cross border+ACI- invoices for
+AHw-professional services?  We are beginning to tire of what appears to be a
+AHw-growing epidemic+ACE-
+AHw-We are loathe to just consider it a price of doing business and strategies
+AHw-could be allowed to degenerate (ethics encourage otherwise) to splashing
+AHw-company name everywhere as a bad debt etc.
+AHw-Thor Tandy  .Eng
+AHw-Victoria  BC
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