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Re: OC Dinner Meeting - March, 1998

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Tarek Mokhtar wrote:

> With each new code edition, the performing of structural design work
> increasingly resembles doing Scottish Country Dancing: the object isn't to
> accomplish anything creatively, but to painstakingly follow what someone
> else has choreographed in advance, and get to the end without mistake or
> misstep."

No doubt about that, Code should be simplified and easy to follow,
unfortunately, our new Code is getting more complicated and extremely
time-consuming to follow, sometimes, the footnotes and exceptions are
longer than the content of the paragraph itself.  Structural engineers
should be able to do their designs without much reference to the Code
other than for minimum Standards.  What would your reaction be, if your
doctor tell you that he/she) has to go through 3 big volumes of books
before surgery can be performed.

We have all learnt enough theory and dealt with enough equations in our
school years.  We need to put more practical writers to do a major
surgery on our Code.

Tom Chiu, SE