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Re: & Characters from Listserver

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You wrote
+AD4-Previous postings have made it quite clear that many subscribers on this
+AD4-listserv cannot be html-compliant, and for them html-encoded postings show up
+AD4-with extraneous garbage.  The example above is typical.   Such nonsense are
+AD4-increasingly showing up ever since someone suggested tinkering with the
+AD4-settings on our e-mail programs to display and submit html-encoded e-mail. 
+AD4-Recent postings indicate that even fans of html agree we should remain with
+AD4-ascii e-mail for now.  This message is aimed at those of you who have tinkered
+AD4-with your settings:  PLEASE check that you have returned your settings back to
+AD4-the default ascii format.
+AD4-Frank Lew, SE
+AD4-Orinda, CA

I checked the settings in the Outlook express settings and it had the HTML highlighted.  I deduce that it may have been my  machine.  I have a 10 year old who fiddles in html.  I have re-set to +ACI-plain text+ACI-.  If this fixes the problem apologies for causing this garbage and thank you for pointing out the cause.

Thor Tandy  P.Eng
Victoria  BC