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RE: x brace...seismic slenderness

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Does anyone know the reasons for the following discrepancies 
between slenderness definitions?

1994 UBC Special concentric bracing members, the (KL/r) is limited
whereas in
1997 UBC Special concentric bracing members, the (L/r) is limited.

In both cases, the limit is 1000/root(Fy).
The 1996 Blue Book definitions match the 1994 UBC definitions.

Why was (KL/r) used in the 1994 UBC and (L/r) in 1997?

Sorry if this is too far off thread.  It's vaguely related,
considering the definition of L, unbraced length, as used in these 
slenderness limits, for x-braces in the out-of-plane mode.

Dave Evans, P.E.
TNH, Inc.