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Re: Landslide

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Tom Chiu wrote:

> > John Buchanan wrote:
> >
> > . > Generally the soils engineers recommend a minimum of a twelve inch
> > . > diameter pier with four number four bars and #3 ties at varied spacing.
> >
> I hope this is only a rotten apple and not common practice in the field
> of caisson design.  The only place where I specify #3 rebar is for
> slab-on-grade. #4 vertical bars in 24-inch caisson are out of proportion
> anyway, if one draw it to scale, it will look stupid.  Whoever that soil
> engineer is, his(her) license should be taken away.
> Tom Chiu, SE
> Thomas Engineering


In general, I don't like to see #3 even in slabs-on-grade.  However, isn't the
minimum size in ACI 318-95 for spiral/ties in a column reinforcing a #3 bar?  I
believe the original post indicates that the vertical steel is four #4's.

Also someone else indicated that they like abour 0.5% steel in their piers.  This
seem to little to me.  I like to see 1% for piers which are or can be subjected
to significant lateral forces.

Arvel L. Williams, P.E.