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RE: Which Club to Join

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>        Gen. McAuliffe was known perhaps too well for that one-word reply to
>the German commander who, during the Dec.1944 Battle of the Bulge in eastern
>Belgium, invited the surrounded, snowbound McAuliffe in Bastogne to
>surrender his 101st Airborne. Some years later as a guest at a dinner party
>he was introduced to another guest by the awed and flustered hostess as
>"General McNuts" 
>        It's not as easy to use that reply to a plan checker, because you
>both know there's no relieving army enroute when the weather breaks.

As an ex consulting engineer I know that so well.  May I say that he still
had to hold against the Germans and so teh endearemnet McNuts is probably an
apt description.  

>        Nor is it as easy to say Nuts to a perennial volunteer SEAOC
>committee member who knows that his or her code-formulating committee has
>complete autonomy under SEAOC Bylaws to represent SEAOC and all its members,
>without review by the elected Board of Directors or anyone else. Tenure and
>like-mindedness to one's predecessors' ways has a lot to do with being
>influential in these committees. Out-of-step newcomers in due course drift
>away unfulfilled.  
In response to this I would understand as a relative new comer to Code
committees.  The only way to solve this problem is to use the one thing that
is mighter than the sword.  Write like we do here and complain in the end
the people will listen.  Finally  get the rules changes if you dinna like
the game.

John Nichols