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O.C. Meeting / 97UBC

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     Tarek Wrote:
     "I was also present and agree with Bill about the poor timing of Bob 
     Bachman's remarks, but of course I am somewhat biased against Mr. 
     bachman any way because of his authoring the 2 million foot notes that 
     are attached to the 1997 UBC tables in chapter 16".
     BOY, talk about over exaggeration!?! (i.e. 2 million footnotes).  I 
     just counted the footnotes in Chapter 16 (UBC97) and there are ONLY 
     82.  AND even if you include the "EXCEPTIONS:" (28 of them) you still 
     only have 110.  AND since I took Spanish in school I guess I would 
     include the 4 Greek symbols for only a total of 114 items needed to 
     clarify 38 pages of text and tables. (Tongue firmly in cheek here)
     On a much lighter note, is it just me or is the whole implementation 
     of the 97 UBC out of control (footnotes and exceptions aside).  With 
     much fanfare Bob Backman announces at the OC dinner meeting that a 
     year after the 97 UBC is published we now have to pay ANOTHER $40 to 
     get the seismic maps (California only - you dogs in Alaska, Hawaii, 
     Arizona, Nevada, etc. I guess are on your own!!) for a code that 
     probably wont be adapted for another 6 months to a year and then the 
     whole thing is replaced (with maybe a year of use) by the IBC2000.  So 
     in the span of about 2 years we will have to purchase, learn, and try 
     to implement two different building codes.  And the come back from Bob 
     Backman was "you will just have to raise your fees".  What's wrong 
     with this picture??
     Thomas Hunt, S.E.
     Fluor Daniel