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Re: OC Dinner Meeting - March, 1998

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Hey, I didn't say the task would be easy! I do understand the process has become more complicated because a few engineers have sold their soul to the devil (i.e., blood sucking litigious attorneys). However, the authors of the code need to be responsible to the users as well.

I think it is an EXCELLENT idea to put drafts of new code provisions on the listserv as long as the authors will attempt to review and respond to review comments. The code committee section of the web site is seldom up to date and usually only includes meeting minutes.

Bill Allen

Richard_Ranous/OES(--nospam--at) wrote:

Unfortunately, it is not at all easy to address the problem.  As I see it,
we have two problems which have lead to a convoluted code:  1)  new code
provisions are written not to the engineer or building official but to take
care of the lawyer; and 2) we live in a society where there is a free
market on products, the code bodies can not "eliminate products" or become
much more stringent on their use with the potential of being accused of
restricting fair trade.

When writing code one's ultimate goal is to write a provision which is
simple, clear, and easily understood.  Ideally, you do not want to leave
anything open to interpretation (especially from a lawyer).  Some time try
to write a code provision on some complicated issue.  As you write the
provision make sure that it is fully understood by everyone and covers
every possible condition.

When your done, put on the listserver for everyone to review.  If the
listserve agrees 100% with what has been written, we will have found the
person to clean up the code!!!!!!!
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