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RE: micropilots

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I second that, the use of name calling as derogatory as this is
unprofessional and uncalled for. I think you owe Mr. Boschini an appology.
For the record, I received on disturbing response to my survey from an
engineer in a country other than the US. He felt that his comments would not
be accepted or well received simply because he was not caucasion.
I am very disturbed to thing that anyone would consider this list to be in
any way ethnically biased. More than disturbed, I'm appalled. Of the 100 or
so responses I received, I would be confident to say that this list is a
very diverse mix of ethnic groups - simply considering those who responded
with comments and told me which country they were from. If the caucasions
are a majority, it isn't by much.
The comment from Mr. Elizondo does more harm to this list than almost
anything else by making those who do not have command of the english
language feel like unwelcome visitors.
What Mr. Elizondo is lacking is tolerance - something I would like to see
him learn before he responds to any other posts so vehimently.
This list has no future until we except everyone who participate or lurks in
the shadows as an equal - in every sense of the word. This is suppose to be
a professional group - act like it!

Presently angry,

Dennis Wish PE

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|>Micropilots is wrong stupid.
|I think most people understood what Luis Ricardo Badilla Boschini
| was asking even if the word came out wrong.
| Why don't you lighten up a bit.  IMHO the kind of slam you made against
|Mr. Boschini has no place on this listserver!!!