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RE: Brick Masonry

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"Technical Notes on Brick & Tile Construction," No. 15, Aug. 1962, by
the Structural Clay Products Institute, discusses spalling problems
associated with use of salvaged brick.  Early in the century brick
manufacturing techniques result in substantial variation in the
durability of brick.  Less durable units, "salmon brick", were
originally used were they were not exposed to weathering.  When salvaged
from old buildings and reused they sometimes end up exposed to
freeze-thaw cycles, etc. and rapidly spall (I once owned a house that
had used brick in the veneer and it had that tendency).

Ed Marshall

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> I am looking for a good, clear, technical definition of "spalling" of
> brick
> including potential causes, failure modes, and characteristics which
> would
> distinguish spalling from other brick masonry related problems.
> Also, if anyone knows of any good references on the subject, such as
> from
> the Brick Institute of America (BIA) or brick manufacturers.  I would
> appreciate your forwarding the information or providing direction on
> where
> I can find it.
> Thanks!
> Lorenzo