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RE: micropilots

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I agree with your last comments Ernie. I am afraid that confrontational
responses such as this keep people from responding. But did you ever notice
that those we have jumped on for inappropriate behaviour (especially first
timers) end up apologizing, followed by everyone welcoming them to the list
and forgiving the incident.
It seems that this has happened a few times and in each other instance the
person who made the comment was big enough to understand that it may have
offended someone and learned from then on.
Ernie, I have had experience with verbal abuse in my life. In each case the
abuser did not know that their actions were inappropriate and insulting. I
don't feel that this is an excuse to allow it to go by. Each of us has been
repremanded over our time of this list for writing without first thinking if
it may offend. Our good intentions are usually accepted after a simple
notice. I am particularly sensitive to words like Stupid, Dumb and so forth.
Thanks for your comments.

Dennis Wish PE

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|I agree with Harold. Give the guy a break. I believe that he did not intend
|insult somebody or use inappropriate language. I personally was not
|by it. It is just an expression that naturally comes out during a normal
|conversation. If some or a lot of people gets offended or think it is
|inappropriate, which I think he already found out by now, an apology from
|should cool everybody down.
|Remember, we are an international forum here and we have different native
|languages, traditions and values. Let's just be careful out there and
|apologize if we inadvertently offend anyone. Let's not come down too hard
|innocent "Offenders" or we might scare them off our list. Dennis, this
|be one of the reason why we have a lot of "Lurkers" out there.
|Ernie Natividad