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Re: micropilots

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   Roger -
I love your style.  Are you a Native Born Ariz. , like yours truly ?
     To Wit:  McNary, Arizona at Elevation 7000' , within the great and
tall Yellow Pines,  circa 1931.  Said town (?) was and is on the Apache
Reservation ( I know for a fact , since my Big brother and I attempted to buy
same in 1987 ) .
      What does this have to with the current above-mentioned Thread ? In Year
1946 I signed up for the Russian Language course at Evanston High School .
Having had , by that time 2 years of Latin , I dropped Russian within a 2 week
time frame.  So , therefore , I also admire those that can get through " our "
very , very, difficult American.
      Also , I would like to compliment Bill Allen for calling my ( as a
novice ) 
attention to the fact that I should , as the author , append the previous
to which I am responding.  Bill -  it will not take me too long - hold your