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Re: Landslide

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I think we're flaming geotechs a little harshly.  As I mentioned in an earlier
post, my experience with rebar recommendations in soil reports is that they
recommend minimum reinforcement for geotechnical purposes--such as for
expansive soil uplift on piers, etc.--and state that that is the purpose of
their recommendations.  

That is not a substitute for the S.E.'s expertise, but an independent
recommendation for other conditions.  The geotech is not recommending minimum
rebar in piers or grade beams for seismic or wind conditions, but for soil
conditions.  Whichever one governs should be specified, and usually it's the
S.E.'s analysis of lateral loads (wind, seismic, and/or soil pressures). 

Ralph Hueston Kratz, S.E.
Richmond CA