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Re: Loads on culverts

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Dear Bob,

>From what I remember of consulting one can obtain such tables which have
been calibrated from most pipe manufacturers allowing for different
embedment conditions.  

The short answer is it depends on the conditions and the soil.  The narrower
the cut the more likely.

Good luck..

John M Nichols, BE(Hons1), University Medallist, MIE(Aust), CPENG,  PhD
Member Australian Standards Committees on Masonry and Concrete Admixtures.
(Father of 7 and 3 year old daughters, mower of church and school lawns.)

For Dennis because you said it was more intimidating.  Sorry Dennis I could
not resist.(LOL)

Me I just prefer John Nichols::cause you either know who I am or you don't.

John Nichols

At 08:51 14/03/98 -0800, you wrote:
>If a culvert is covered by many feet of fill can arching action of the
>fill over the culvert roof be taken into account when determining the
>If the fill settles, does this mean that a wedge-shaped load of fil,l
>from finished ground level to culvert roof, is now supported on the
>Will the fill over the roof not transmit a component of thrust on to
>the adjacent fill as it settles?
>I would welcome any comments,
>Bob Mahony