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Re: Engineer's duty to public safety?

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I'd be careful first.  The other engineer may have a standard tower that is
rated for 70 mph, but may not have control over where it was placed.  That
is, he designs a standard tower that would be appropriate for a 70 mph
wind, but his company or a purchaser puts these towers all over the place,
ignoring local codes.

I know of a case where a 105 mph wind knocked down a tower.  The owner
replaced it with a tower rated at 80 mph.   But, here again you must be
careful.  The tower is designed to be operational at 80 mph; that is the
tower doesn't rotate, say more that 1 degree or maybe 2.5 degrees, but the
survival wind may be 110 mph.

A transmission tower with wires seems to be a different animal; but if it
has dishes instead, then the classification may be 70 mph with a 1 degree
rotation and the demand/capacity ratio of the tower itself may be quite low.

Hope I'm not too convoluted and I don't think your talking about one of my
towers.  I imagine that you are talking about the Lake Tahoe area?

Neil Moore, S.E.

>What if you know of a structure by another engineer that was designed to a 70
>mph windspeed in a code-required 110 mph area?
>Assume there's no occupancy, such as with transmission towers....