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RE: O.C. Dinner Meeting

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Mr. Lai-
First of all it is very encouraging to see that you are following this listserv. We need more of our leadership to follow and participate in this medium. As long as I have been a member of SEAOC (1980), you have been a tireless volunteer to the organization. Both the organization and the profession has benefitted from your participation. I am looking forward to your guidance when you take over as President of SEAOSC.

I have included specific comments in response to your post peppered throughout your original post.

Bill Allen

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To: Readers of SEAOC list server:

I read several message related to questions on the Tilt Up subject 
presented at the Orange County meeting. Since I did not attend the O.C. 
Meeting, I was not sure what the question was. It seems that the 
question had to do with the fact that the Building Code has become more 
complicated. The solution rest on you - our membership!
[Bill Allen, S.E. ALLEN DESIGNS]  
I don't think there was a question in my original comments. You should probably re-read my original post on my observations of the dinner meeting to get a clear understanding of the problems I originally illustrated.

You have suggested that the solution (to complicated building codes) rests on the membership. However, one of my complaints in my original post (and a consistent thread throughout several of my posts) is that some/several code authors (who are probably members) are the ones guilty of making the code complicated. Adding committee members with the same itenerary will not solve the problem of complicated codes but rather make it worse. The only suggestion I can make, based on the specific example raised at the dinner meeting, is to draft Mr. Francis Lo of KLT Consulting Structural Engineers to sit on the same committee as Mr. Bob Bachman has served to act as a counter balance. I'm not sure if Mr. Lo subscribes to this list, but if others agree, you may e-mail him at:


Further, it would help (in my opinion) to expand committee work to include participation by e-mail. Please follow the thread on the Virtual Standards Committee proposals.

Having been involved in both the SEAOC Building Code and SEAOC 
Seismology Committees a decade ago, I believe many more volunteers and 
input from the memebership are needed in each of the standing committee, 
particularly in Southern California area. As you know, all committee 
meetings are open to the membership. Even if you are not a voting member 
of the committee, I assure you, comments and suggestions can be 
addressed to the committee. I encourage chair-persons of all committees 
and subcommittees post their meeting dates and agenda on the listserver 
in the coming months. 
[Bill Allen, S.E. ALLEN DESIGNS]  
This would be a tremendous step forward to ensure that all committee documents (meeting minutes, agenda as well as current drafts of committee documents) are up to date on the SEAOSC web site.

The SEAOSC Policies on Organization and Duties for Committees are 
explicit regarding the formation of each standing committee. Each 
standing committee must maintain a balance of voting members between the 

private practice, building departments and industry representatives. I 
urge chair-persons of each committee make all attempts to adhere to this 
long standing policy. 

As many of you know, the 1st Draft of the International Building Code 
2000 has been published since November 1997. If you are a member of 
IBCO, you may request a copy free of charges while the supply last. 
Although deadline for proposed changes was due on January 5, 1998, the 
public hearings will be scheduled for the last two weeks in April, 1998. 
Please do convey your concerns to your local committee chairs. You must, 
however, be prepared to write a logical proposed change to specific code 
section(s)and the corresponding reason. The following are the current 
SEAOSC standing committee chair-persons:

	Building Code Committee - Douglas Thompson
	SeismologyCommittee     - Saif Hussain
	Existing Building Comm  - Richard Hess
	Reasearch Committee     - Nazih Gunal 

In addition to the four standing committes, an Ad Hoc Committee on Steel 
is jointly chaired by Peter Maranian and Yeunan Chou. Contact Nob Lyons 
at (213)484-8950 for meeting time.

James S. Lai, Chair
SRCE (Steering) Committee