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RE: Quote for SUnday 15 March

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Dear Dennis,

I had not intended to ruin your business.  

You are very unlikely to run into these quotes on the Internet.  I collect
quotes and place them in my bibliography for my research project.  I find
that it helps if you are trying to make a point to quote from someone like
Richter rather tahn spend 4 pages explaining the same point much more poorly.

For instance I would argue that Richters quote from last week which was
supported by a Japanese Professor who I am to lazy to go and look up
satisfactroy answers the questions in todays list about design wind speeds.

In the end we are practicing Structural Engineers fro whom codes are written
for guidance,  not as a rule base that has to be followed slavishly.  If you
have to follow it slavishly then it is time to get an education on
Statistics and number theory.

I realize it is easist to follow any rule base slavishly,  but in the end if
you are facing a judge and you say

::  I designed it to the codes and it was passed

::  Do not be surprised if he asks why did someone die,  it is always
possible to find a dueling expert to offer a counter opinion.  And there is
nothing wrong with this system as long as you understand that in my
experience the judiciary seem very good at discounting experts who are

The first quote is from Tennyson.  I thought you would appreciate it.

The second quote is from James Joyce.

In the end we are here to make it safer for everybody else.  But there are
limits and if one looks at Spitak and Hadjians brilliant paper on that event
it provides a very clear idea of  the limits.  Hadjian 10 Interantional
Conference on Earthquake Engineering.  V 1 pg 5-10.

The other thing I like about this list server is that it gives one a chance
to keep touch on reality which can be a bit short when you sit in front of a
computer allday.

My final comment on brilliant teachers.  My favourite teacher was Neville
Betts.  Only lecturer that did not give me an A in a structures theoretical

When ever I face someone grappling with a statics problem I remember back to
my first year examination and teh final question.  I have never gone back to
do that question again.  It is my reminder that we all have things to learn
and you are always going to run into problems you canna solve.

Quote for the day

Some men look at what is and ask "Why not?"
I look at what is not and ask why?"

I think I have it right.

His brother said Ich bin ein Berliner.

John Nichols

At 11:10 15/03/98 -0800, you wrote:
>I'm too compulsive and your likely to ruin my business by these challenges.
>I spent a couple of hours searching the Internet for Notabile Quotes for
>that "Nuts" one. I'm not even going to attempt this one or I'll lose my
>practice for not getting billable work out.
>Regards from up over (opposite down under)
>Dennis Wish PE
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>|Dear Dennis,
>|Have to have some one to address it to.
>|The German quote was from Gutenberg,  referring to overworking data.
>|Seem appropraite after the work of last week. on all your codes.
>|To those who got the Nuts quote congratulations your history is good.
>|After reviewing the 78 emails I just waded through and the interesting
>|on language this seem appropriate
>|They take the rustic murmur of their bourg
>|For the great wave that echoes round the world.
>|It is an English Poet.
>|and finally this is from an Irish Author
>|Introibo ad altare Dei.
>|Translation :
>|Just out of interest I am not sure of its translation so If someone can
>|it would be appreciated.
>|John Nichols