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public safety & partition walls

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Neil, thanks for your comments.  
You're right: it's not a communication tower -- I was just curious how the
code would handle a low-occupancy structure like that.  Actually, this is a
hundred foot driving range fence done by a competitor in Florida.  The local
engineer over-stamped a boiler-plate design for 70 mph, and the local code is
110.  These poles are not designed for any deflection limits or other
performance standards -- as far as I can tell, they are merely designed to
meet the "life safety" requirements of the code.  I was so intrigued by this
design because my calcs would not work for it, so I checked it out.  It's very
frustrating to submit a design based on local windspeeds and be beaten by a
competitor who is not doing the same.  Not to mention, it's blatently
unethical and possibly illegal.

On another note,  I am in complete agreement that gypsum shear walls, while
allowed by the code, do not make sense -- it's right up there with jumbo
shrimp.  But the SF building department is irrationally requiring me to
"restore" the shear capacity of partition walls that were never designed as
such. Even to the point of adding hold downs to a second floor wall with no
wall below it on the first floor!  I am even adding ply to the walls that
_will_ benefit the structure (i.e. the walls connected to the roof diaphragm,
and walls over foundations -- not partition walls) and I am convinced the
overall performance of the structure will be better after the remodel, but
can't convince the B. Dep.  There seems to be no way to appeal these kinds of
questions to a higher level without incurring ill will and delaying projects.
Perhaps I could send them this thread?

Neil Moore wrote:

<<The other engineer may have a standard tower that is
rated for 70 mph, but may not have control over where it was placed.
...A transmission tower with wires seems to be a different animal; but if it
has dishes instead, then the classification may be 70 mph with a 1 degree
rotation and the demand/capacity ratio of the tower itself may be quite low.
Hope I'm not too convoluted and I don't think your talking about one of my
towers.  I imagine that you are talking about the Lake Tahoe area?>>