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RE: COMP-Print Screen

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The responses assumes that you are using Autocad for Windows and what will
appear when you use the Printscreen command from outside Autocad while
focused in a Windows desktop will be the Autocad drawing with all menus, as
well as any visible screen backgrounds such as your Windows Startup.
If you are using Release 13 or 14 ( if I remember, this does work with 13 as
well) you can plot directly to a Windows system printer by configuring your
System printer in Autocad. Next simply print the display or a window from
within Autocad.
The benifits of this is that you will not print a colored background should
you, like me, be drawing on a black background or have light colors set
against a white background.
Give this a try and if it is not effective for you, write me back. Let me
know what release of Autocad you have and I will send you back detailed
instructions that should help.

Dennis Wish PE

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|From: John Cannon Jones [mailto:jcjones(--nospam--at)]
|Sent: Monday, March 16, 1998 5:40 AM
|To: 'seaoc'
|Subject: COMP-Print Screen
|Does anyone know how to print the contents of what appears in the
|monitor.  I've tried print screen and shift + printscreen, but can't
|get either to work.  I'm trying to print out how my autocad screen
|looks for transparencies to use in a presentation I'm making.
|There must be a way since just about any computer magazine you see has
|images of what they are demonstrating.
|Any help would be much appreciated.
|John Jones
|Pell City, AL