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RE: extremities

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You shouldn't bait me like this...

You should refresh yourself in Constitutional Law. You cannot bring criminal charges against a sitting President. This includes hanging him/her by any extremity. Until impeachment proceedings begin (8:00am tomorrow would not be soon enough for me), the best we can do is categorize Slick Willie along with the other criminals his party has consistently chosen to lead them. This includes:

Jimmy Carter:
Beyond being inept and embarrassed me as an American, he had left the country essentially defenseless.  By the time he left office, he had allowed a condition to exist in the US Navy such that 600 ships that were not decommissioned could not sail due to lack of personnel and/or spare parts. The other branches of the service suffered equally.

Lyndon Johnson:
Guilty of degrading our capalist society with a level of socialism we are still paying for. His term for this was "The Great Society".

John Kennedy:
Nearly started WWIII with his involvement in the Cuba Missile Crisis and the Bay of Pigs. A nuclear holocaust may have been averted by the efforts of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Bill Allen

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>I vote hang him by his thumbs.
>Bill Allen
Okay, Bill, which extremity would you select to hang Big Bill  from?

Stan Caldwell, P.E.
"Kenneth Starr for President"