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RE: COMP-Print Screen

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I sure would be interested to know how you have arrived at your conclusion. Most of the current software written is compiled in 32 bit mode and requires Win95 or WinNT to run it. It won't run on Win3.x.

Bill Allen

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From:	Bill Polhemus 
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I don't know anything about Win98, but I don't think anyone REALLY thinks that CALLING Win95 a "32-Bit OS" really makes it so.

It is, and always has been, Windows for Workgroups V. 3.11 with a new interface, a few bells/whistles, and mostly 16-Bit code.

Just so we get our facts straight.

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course, you'll first need a 32-bit operating system (Win95 or Win98 or
WinNT).  I guess that might exclude you and Roger Turk, and maybe a
couple of others.  Oh well.