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RE: COMP-Print Screen

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Wow. Terminate-stay-resident mode. I haven't heard that term in a long time.


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In a message dated 98-03-16 08:42:21 EST, jcjones(--nospam--at)  write:

> Does anyone know how to print the contents of what appears in the monitor.
> ve tried print screen and shift + printscreen, but can't get either to work.
> I'm trying to print out how my autocad screen looks for transparencies to
> in a presentation I'm making.  

A program called 'Print Screen' makes the 'PrtScr' key respond in Windows 3.1
or 95 just as it did under DOS.  Start it up and it goes into terminate-stay-
resident mode.  Then when that key is hit, the program captures either the
entire screen, or the active window, in a .bmp file that is immediately sent
to the printer and/or saved as a file that can be read by other Windows
programs.  Works like a charm.

It's not shareware or freeware - I believe I paid about $20 a year or two ago.
The vendor touts it mainly as a one-keystroke convenience for recording
information when surfing the net, but it would serve as well for John Jones'
need in this instance.
It came nicely packaged and with a decent manual.  The vendor is JE Software,
a division of Janesway Electronics.  The manual didn't give a website url, but
gives an email address of janesway(--nospam--at) for more info or questions.

Frank Lew, SE
Orinda, CA