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Existing wall/Fdns

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I am assisting a structural engineer in the renovation/retrofit of an heritage that has existing un-reinforced foundation walls (3' to 5' high) and footings.  I am working at a distance so I have not inspected the site first hand.

Excavation at site has "unearthed" serious horizontal (the usual ragged type) cold jointing in the pours done when the building was constructed.  The building in essentially a single storey with 45deg roof slopes and partial basement.

Because the building must be brought up to some semblance of Code conformance we are considering adding "splints" across the cold joint in order to mitigate any separation of the parts under seismic conditions.  In truth one part of the wall  has already separated due to undermining during construction.

Any ideas?

Thor Tandy  P.Eng
Victoria  BC