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Re: General business que

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>> However, if the results of the learning are reusable 
within a short period of time, or, that I feel that I *should* have known
material, then I would consider the time spent *learning* as overhead and
bill the client.<<

This is basically the way I have been doing it. The trick is to know what I
"should" have known.

>>I know that billable hours are a problem; that it is virtually impossible
bill for more than 1,000 hours a year, no matter how busy you are.  In 
addition, we, as engineers, are always overly optimistic in estimates of
time that it would take to do a project, therefore, we *rarely* figure the 
correct number of hours a project would take.<<

It's nice to know I'm not the only one with this problem!

>>Therefore, I would say that most "learning" hours should be "chalked up
experience,"  like many other unpleasant things.<<

Sounds aobut right

BTW it looks like I will be getting licensed in AZ soon. The board person
(or bored person) is recommending to the Board Board that I be licensed. I
am currently waiting for the official notice plus my license number.

Kate O'Brien, P.E.