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Re: Lesser primate committees

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But we are not apes. We are human beings with enough intelligence, self-
respect and resourcefulness that we do not blindly follow what has always been
around. We question, we object and we research on why is it so.

We should start questioning where our present Codes originated, object to it
if we feel it is not correct and research on the origins of the provisions of
the code. We should do these now while the original "apes" are still around to
answer our questions. That's why I always like codes with commentaries, but I
wish they include the history of the development of the provisions in these
commentaries. Example problems applicable to different conditions will also be
nice. I wonder when ICBO or if IBC will publish a companion commentary for
their Codes?

If they were humans instead of apes, they should not have been in the cage in
the first place. Hosing them with cold water while trying to get food is
torture and abuse and should not be tolerated. And those responsible for these
despicable acts should be punished.

Ernie Natividad
Homo Sapiens