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RE: OC Dinner Meeting - March, 1998

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Subject:	OC Dinner Meeting - March, 1998


Next time you attend a dinner meeting, could you stand up and identify
yourself.  You have become so famous on the List Server, I think a lot of us
would like to see what you look like.
[Bill Allen, S.E. ALLEN DESIGNS]  
Are you kidding? There are probably more folks who want to kick my butt than shake my hand :o).
I go to those meetings in disguise.

I'm amazed that I'm in agreement with you on anything, but I am definitely in
agreement about the increasing difficulty in interpreting codes.  If I read
the audience correctly, I would say that most of them were sympathetic to Mr.
Lo on the short "debate" which occurred.

I think one of the side benefits of the development of the International
Building Code will be that the other two code writing groups (SBCCI and BOCA)
seem to be more practical-oriented and may slow down the West's tendency to
overwrite the code provisions.
[Bill Allen, S.E. ALLEN DESIGNS]  
How can we be sure? I know it is a natual tendency to rejoice when a "bad" boss gets fired only to find that the new one is worse.

Carl S. : - )