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RE: COMP-Print Screen

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You used to be a pretty reasonable guy, when did you turn into one of
those militant NT types?  While it is true that Win95 isn't as "pure" as
WinNT in the eyes of the 32-bit fanatics, it is nevertheless a 32-bit
code.  The benefit of Win95 is that it retains a small 16-bit module,
which allows it to "go both ways".  On any given PC, Win95 will run your
legacy structural software at least twice as fast as WinNT (if WinNT can
run it at all).  The benefit of WinNT is supposed to be it's stability
for "mission critical" applications.  However, I have become very adept
at crashing both operating systems without any bias.

Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas

The more you run over a dead cat,
the flatter it gets!

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>Subject: 	RE: COMP-Print Screen
>I don't know anything about Win98, but I don't think anyone REALLY thinks
>that CALLING Win95 a "32-Bit OS" really makes it so.
>It is, and always has been, Windows for Workgroups V. 3.11 with a new
>interface, a few bells/whistles, and mostly 16-Bit code.
>Just so we get our facts straight.
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>Subject:	RE: COMP-Print Screen
>course, you'll first need a 32-bit operating system (Win95 or Win98 or
>WinNT).  I guess that might exclude you and Roger Turk, and maybe a
>couple of others.  Oh well.