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LGSS - Partition Attachment

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I am detailing an interior partition inside a pre-engineered metal building. 
The partition is metal stud and extends all the way up to the roof.  I have 2
conditions, one where the partition is perpendicular to the roof zee purlins
and the other where the partition is parallel to the zee purlins.  The
partition is very tall, 26 feet unbraced height, due to the span of the
building and the gable roof slope.  It is a non-bearing partition and I would
like to keep it that way.  To do this I need to design a vertical sliding
connection at the top so that the wall is not loaded when the rigid frame or
the roof purlins deflect.  The vertical slide needs to be quite large, in the
order of 2 - 3 inches at the ridge line.  Has anybody developed a good way of
detailing a vertical slide connection for a metal stud wall partition
application such as this?


Richard Lewis, P.E.
Missionary TECH Team

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