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Quote of the day Tuesday your monday night -- Reality??

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Dear B Veit,

Yes I think you could say it is reality for someone who no longe rpractices
but writes and research's it is comforting to have people like Dennis, Bill
and Kathleen to keep ones eyes to the fact that there is a bigger picture
and that I am just one small part of it.

Thought for the day.

The best mortar mix bar none is 1 part cement(real type a cement): to 1 part
lime :to six parts sand by volume.  I make lime putty or slurry from equal
parts water and hydrated lime by weight and tehn adjust for the water.

Makes a very strong durable mix that has some plasticity.  Have to age lime
slurry preferable for a few days.

Quote for the day

What famous american said.

Get your head down you damn fool.

At 12:40 16/03/98 -0500, you wrote:
>In a message dated 98-03-15 18:21:07 EST, john nichols writes:
><< The other thing I like about this list server is that it gives one a chance
> to keep touch on reality which can be a bit short when you sit in front of a
> computer all day. >>
>Reality?  Really?