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RE: SE Registration

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Unless the rules have changed, you need not work directly under an SE but
must have an SE who is familiar with your work durring the three year
period. You must have, I believe, three SE's who are familiar with your work
and can attest to it in writting.
If you do not know an SE who can verify your qualifications, you can arrange
a board review of your projects and answer verbal questions to determine if
you are properly qualified. This can be done through your local SEAOC
Chapter (probably other states have a similar process).

Dennis Wish PE

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|BORPELS is the Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Land
|Surveyors.  They are part of the Consumer Affairs agency and are located in
|Sacramento.  I do not have a phone number readily available for them.
|Maybe someone out there does.
|As for your experience--technically you must work 3 years under the direct
|supervision of a California SE after you receive your CE.  However, BORPELS
|and SEAOC (I believe) have established an interview process for those who
|have the experience requirements but lack the references.  In your case you
|would need to talk to BORPELS to see if the criteria for "working under the
|direct supervision" of an SE can be waived.
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|Subject:  Re: SE Registration
|I am also interested in the SE registration in the state of California.
|Who is BORPELS and how can I get a hold of them?  I am currently a CE in
|the state of California, but am not currently working under the direct
|supervision of an SE.  I have worked with and for an SE prior to obtaining
|my CE, but not after.  In other words, have my last 3 years of engineering
|experience with CE registered engineers only been a waste of time (assuming
|my goal is to obtain an SE)?
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|> Subject: Re: SE Registration
|> Date: Tuesday, March 17, 1998 9:27 AM
|> Mark,
|> I am assuming you are talking about California Registration.  In order to
|> qualify for the SE exam you must have your CE and have worked for three
|> years under the direct supervision of a Structural Engineer.  If you do
|> work under the direct supervision of an SE, you can contact BORPELS and
|> request a waiver of this requirement.  The request does not automatically
|> mean it will be granted.
|> California law requires an SE to sign schools, hospitals, and high-rise
|> structures.  Most others can be signed by a CE.  Additionally, some
|> jurisdictions will require SE for certain types of work.