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Re: Fw: SE Registration

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I recall that LA City requires SE to sign for highrise (taller than
160').  Not so sure about other cities.

Tom Chiu, SE
Thomas Engineering

T. Eric Gillham wrote:
> This post has piqued my curiosity on the differentiation between Ca CE's
> and Se's.
> When I was attending Cal, I got it in my head somehow that California SE's
> were required only for schools and hospitals, but this post indicates that
> SE's are required for "high rise" structures as well.
> Could anyone who knows tell me if this is indeed the case.  And if so, what
> is the definition of a high rise (i.e. how many floors constitute a low or
> med vs high rise)?  And is this statewide, or only for certain counties?
> (Not that I am doubting Richard R. or his sources, I would just like
> explicit confirmation on this).
> Although I live on Guam, this is of interest to me due to recent
> legislative action aimed at changing our registration rules regarding what
> a CE can sign off on (as opposed to an SE).  .
> Any information on this would be very helpful.
> T. Eric Gillham PE
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> > Subject: Re: SE Registration
> > Date: Wednesday, March 18, 1998 2:27 AM
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> > Mark,
> >
> > I am assuming you are talking about California Registration.  In order to
> > qualify for the SE exam you must have your CE and have worked for three
> > years under the direct supervision of a Structural Engineer.  If you do
> not
> > work under the direct supervision of an SE, you can contact BORPELS and
> > request a waiver of this requirement.  The request does not automatically
> > mean it will be granted.
> >
> > California law requires an SE to sign schools, hospitals, and high-rise
> > structures.  Most others can be signed by a CE.  Additionally, some
> > jurisdictions will require SE for certain types of work.
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