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Timid Posters

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I received a post on our list that started out with "This is my first real
post, so I apologize in advance to Bill Allen and Dennis Wish for however I
will offend them."
I really hope that the 5800 or so engineers subcribers on this list who have
not responded to my survey are not afraid to share their opinions. Maybe if
we were over a conference table I could bite your head off for offending my
superior intellect - but what real harm can I do you here?
Seriously, this is no place to feel uncomfortable, inferior, superior or
anything other than EQUAL. 99.975% of all of us know when we have stepped
out of line and become offensive - I've yet to see a case where that was not
realized and stated so apologetically.
This is NOT my list, or Bill Allens or Frank Lew's or any one of us. This is
our list and I for one would rather unsubscribe than be the reason that any
one else would be hesitant to voice an opinion or ask for help.
Please, everyone who is within my shouting distance - just speak up and we
will listen. Without you, we are like the falling tree in a forest - do we
really make a sound?

Dennis Wish PE

"Science may have found a cure for most evils; but it has found no remedy
for the worst of them all- the apathy of human beings."
Helen Keller