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Re: COMP CRSI Concrete Design Programs

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This is my first real post, so I apologize in advance to Bill Allen and
Dennis Wish for however I will offend them.
We purchased a couple of programs a long time ago - one for pile caps
and one for concrete columns.  The CRSI manual is much more useful for
columns, although the program did estimate costs.  The pilecap program
was good.  This was in DOS's heyday, and the programs were copy
protected by a key disk.  This was and continues to be a nuisance.  We
have no recent experience with their programs, so I don't know if they
are Windows compatible.
Patrick B. Nickel, SE
Paragon Structural Design
Phoenix, AZ

Patrick, thank you for your answer to my post!  And, about what you wrote
about Mr. Allen and Mr. Wish, don't let them intimidate you, just ignore
them like I do! :>)