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Re: Plastic moment capacity of concrete filled steel pipe

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I knew i had seen a reference to combined axial/bending in concrete filled pipe 
somewhere in here.  Here's the reference:

AISC LRFD Manual.  2nd Edition (Vol 1).  p5-69.

Combined Axial Compression and Bending (interaction)
Loads given in teh Composite Column Tables [5-111 for steel pipe] are 
for concentrically loaded columns.  For columns subjected to combined compression 
and flexure, the nominal flexural design strength phi*Mn determined from 
Eqaution C-I4-1 of the commentary on the LRFD Specification (only valid for 
Pu/(phi*Pn) > 0.3) and the elastic buckling load Pe times the square of the effective 
column length are given at the bottom of the tables.  With these quantities
and the loads tabulated for concentric loading, the column may be designned 
by successive approximations based on LRFD Specification Section I4.  The
procedure is illustrated in Example 5-6 for a column subjected to a large bending 
moment combined with a moderate axial load and in Example 5-7 for a column
subjected to a largee axial load combined with a moderate bending moment.

I can't recall who the origianl poster of the question was (yay leaky memories),
but if you need a copy of the commentary section etc, i can probably FAX it to you.
IT's about 2-4 pages, but pretty straight forward.  As for interpretation, somebody
with more design experiencethan I have is going to have to help with that, but 
it looks to me like the specification wants to allow the bond in pipes with
no studs to develop *only* first yielding in the steel pipe (outer fiber).


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