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Repair Standards before the next one....

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Fred Turner Wrote:
Rick and others - What if we asked the Ca. Building Standards Commission to
adopt Appendix Chapter 34 Division III of the 97 UBC as a model in California
for all jurisdictions? Would that help??
Absolutely NOT.

Appendix Chapter 34 Division III uses the ratio of the cost of repair to the
estimated replacement value as a basis for determining whether the building
can be repaired to its pre-event condition or whether it needs an upgrade. 
There is no engineering justification for using cost of repairs to decide whether
an upgrade is needed.  Based on past experience, there is a great tendancy to
play with the numbers to make the answers come out the way the building
owner (or others) want.  Should the cost of repairing finishes be used as
justification for a structural upgrade?

In my opinion, a more rational approach should be based on how the
earthquake has affected the capacity of the building to resist future
earthquakes.  Some methods using building capacity rather than cost have
been developed (ie City of Oakland, ATC 43).  If the state is going to adopt an
approach for evaluating the effects of damage, it should be based on structural
properties of the building.  I will admit that more work is needed to develop a
useful and comprehensive criteria, but the time to start is now since FEMA has
set the policy.
Brian E Kehoe