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RE: CRSI Concrete Design Programs

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Dear Lorenzo:

We have all of the CRSI "amateur programmer competition" software.
These programs were purchased years ago mainly because the price was
almost nothing.  We still use several of these programs from time to
time.  My specific comments are interspersed below:
>I have some questions for anyone familiar with CRSI and specifically,
>computer programs which supposedly design various concrete elements such
>tanks and slabs.  There is a package they currently offer entitled
>which is a collection of 29 programs which design said elements. If
>has used these programs or other programs from CRSI, please name the
>program and let me know your opinions on the following:
>Do the programs work efficiently and accurately?

For the most part, Yes.  However, ACI code equations are not necessarily

> Do they print properly?

Not a problem, unless you are on a network (LAN).  In that case, be very
careful how your printers and printer ports are configured and/or
captured and rerouted.  Most CRSI programs want to print to LPT1.
Unfortunately, some want to "echo print", which can really upset a
network printer!
>Do the programs run on windows 95/NT properly?

Yes, just configure the application shortcut properties to run in a full
screen DOS window.  Set all of the memory settings to "auto."  Also,
tell Windows to "hide" it's presence from the application.
>Have you found the programs easy to use and well documented?  Do you
>recommend them?

Yes, no, and yes.  The programs are easy to use, but poorly documented.
I recommend them because they remain nearly free.  Just remember, you
get what you pay for!
>Thank you in advance!

You're welcome!

Stan Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas

Wealth, like happiness, is never attained when
sought after directly.  It always comes as a by-product
of providing a useful service.                  ... Henry Ford