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RE: Entire Engineering Community Freaking Out?

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Dennis - The prevailing axiom has been that even inaccurately or misleadingly
reported news - even bad news - is better that no news at all. Most people
don't absorb the details, they just recall the general drift of an article or
an issue. Second, the credibility of news reporting is already so suspect that
it no longer merits minor corrections or clarifications. Only the most glaring
errors are worth attempting to correct the record. 

Kariotis was quoted: "We work in what we call a 'fuzzy' environment. We don't
know anything very well"...Kariotis said warnings of the Big One are
overblown. "Ask how many dollars you should invest to get maximum benefit, and
don't try to chase this thing to zero damage." I think Kariotis' quotes are
right on target. Why would he want to change them? 

Likewise there was nothing major incorrect with my quotes or Martha's quote
about engineers freaking out. The curious thing is that they were probably all
taken out of context, strung together in an artificial manner, and hence made
sensational. Most people can read through the haze.

The main point is that the LA Times editorial staff later concluded that the
City Council needs to be do something about high-occupancy, collapse risk
buildings. In that sense, isn't the sensationalism a non-issue? 

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