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Re: Repair Standards before the next one....

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FredT5 wrote:

What if we asked the Ca. Building Standards Commission to
adopt Appendix Chapter 34 Division III of the 97 UBC as a model in California
for all jurisdictions? Would that help??
I would be opposed to the Model Code idea because of the way current state law is written.  If Division II or any other retrofit standard becomes a "Model Code" in California then California  Health & Safety Code Section 18941.5 prohibits local jurisdictions from using any other standard.  Special legislation was required a couple of years ago to allow UMB programs such as SF and Oakland to exist after UCBC Appendix Chapter 1 was adopted as a Model Code..

UBC Section 102 should provide what is needed because it allows repairs to be based on procedures that  "... have been or may be adopted by the jurisdiction."  The "may be" indicates a future adoption perhaps immediately after an earthquake.  It might be a good idea, however to adopt ICBO's Dangerous Building Code or( ICC's new Property Maintenance Code) as a "Model Code".  I would like Rick Ranous to comment on whether OES could sell this concept to FEMA.