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Repair Standards before the next one.... -Reply

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Rick & Fred,

One frequent question LA had to answer immediately after the EQ was
"What is the required level of repair? " Our code, as well as the UBC, did
not always have the answer.  When the code was silent, we created
policy. Insurance companies prefer a legal precendence and apparanely
so does FEMA.

The required level of repair obviously makes a big difference
to the insured, the insuracne companies and the structural designer
trying to find his/her legal responsibilities. THe UBC is written primarily for
new construction and does not adequately address repair,
replacement and demolition issues. 

I strongly support a complete CA repair code standard. Division 34
Appendix III is a good start and Rick's repair code is even more detailed. 
Let's do it!

Tim McCormick, P.E.
City of Los Angeles