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Re: Appropriateness

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At 16:43 3/18/98 -0700, Nigel wrote:
>Might as well dip my oar in here, too.  I guess I tend to favor Bill Allen's
>past remarks in both their style and their content.  I've found some of his
>remarks *quite* offensive, sometimes generically, and sometimes
personally, but
>I do believe Mr. Allen serves a quite useful function in provoking really
>interesting discussions.  I think he should continue and be allowed to
>to make them.
>While I appreciate Mr. Norman's sensitivity, I submit that if, as he
>we must limit our discussion only to those comments found acceptable by the
>lowest common denominator, we will censor this list to the point of
>uselessness.  Further, it seems like some of the folks who constitute the
>common denominator in the subjects and opinions they will tolerate should
>lighten up a bit.
>Are we really all that thin-skinned that we can't ignore a remark we don't
>like, or jump into the middle of it to say why we don't?  Free and open
>discussion seems a lot more useful goal and likely to produce a more useful
>list than allowing only those topics and comments that *nobody* will find
>offense in.  Must this list, too, fall victim to political correctness?

[Bill Cain]  Well said, Nigel.  Bill Allen has "offended" me on occasion
and I in return have "offended" him.  But we both get on with life and I
believe he has contributed as much value to this list as anyone I can think
of (well, maybe except Dennis and Shafat    ;<)   ).  Can't we have a
little tolerance?