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I believe Rick Ranous was wrong (sorry Rick).  I know of no California State
requirement for the engineer of record to hold a second tier (structural)
license on buildings other than public primary and secondary schools and
critical care medical facilities (e.g. hospitals).

I believe Tom Chui, on the other hand, was right.  1994 UBC with 1996 City
of Los Angeles Amendments (still the current version here) sec.
(Los Angeles Municipal Code sec. reads as follows:

Structural engineering plans.  For buildings exceeding 160 feet (48 768 mm)
in height, each sheet of the structural calculations and structural plans
shall be prepared under  the supervision of, and shall bear the signature or
approved stamp of, a person authorized to practice structural engineering by
the State of California.  In addition, all architectural sheets shall bear
the signature or approved stamp of an architect licensed by the State of

I know of no other enforcement agency with similar requirements, but  there
may well be some and I think this list is the ideal place to get the work
out.  Personally I am in favor of all barriers to entry which will allow me
to raise my rates and think this kind of thing should be expanded.  I am
also in favor of irritating Dennis Wish :o)

I have done high-rise work here in L.A. and never seen the Department
enforce the language requiring that every sheet of calcs bear my seal and

Finally, you've got  to love those architects for getting their bit tagged
on at the end.

Drew Norman, S.E.
Drew A. Norman and Associates