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RE: Appropriateness

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IMHO we should all reread the subject line of this thread:  we're not
talking about censorship, or anyone's right to free speech, or even
political correctness.  We're talking about appropriateness on a list
dedicated to structural engineering.  I really don't care what Bill
Allen thinks about Democratic presidents;  more importantly, I don't
really want to know what he thinks about them.  I'm not, however,
advocating suspending anyone from any extremities.  But a little
restraint would go a long way.  Let's try to remember the purpose of
this list.

Tony Powers, PE

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> After all, it's a free country, freedom of speech is still one of our
> rights.  Remember that in other part of the world, people have to
> fight
> for that right by standing in front of a moving tank.  I will continue
> to support freedom of speech and writing in the internet world.
> Tom chiu, SE
> Thomas Engineering